img_3456Our more than 1,200 highly dedicated, well-trained, disciplined, and professional personnel are responsible for preventing unauthorized access; protecting life; maintaining order; deterring criminal acts against employees, dependents and property; and serve as a both an early warning and first line of defense against social and political unrest on a 24/7/365 basis. Our services include:

  • Security consulting services to include threat and risk audits, planning, capacity building, managerial and other advisory support services
  • Static and Mobile Security and Protective Services for embassy, ministerial, international organizations, and commercial clients
  • 24 hour Facility and/or Vehicle Access Control with inspection, monitoring / surveillance and identification technology, and access control protocols and procedures to include CCTV, Central Alarm Monitoring Systems (CAMS), and manned communication and control rooms supporting electronic monitoring systems
  • 24 hour vehicle and foot patrols with radio and alarm activated emergency response, rapid mobile response team services, and ensuring safe escort
  • K-9 services
  • Surveillance and Surveillance Detection services, including aerial
  • Investigative Services
  • Fire, Intrusion and Emergency Alarm Systems Install and Management

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